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Greensman's Year Calendar


The start of a new New Year
You should mow the green as necessary. Don't allow leaves or litter to lay on the green where they can damage the turf. Switch the green if heavy dew is present to reduce the liklehood of disease. Service the mower ready for the new season. Ask TURFGEAR to take a sample for you. We can then decide on a suitable programme for the year.


A time to keep a watchful eye
Look out for disease. You will need a contact fungicide at this time of year. Rooks, Crows, Magpies, Starlings and Seagulls on the Green usually mean you have Leather Jackets. Spray for Pests & Diseases at the earliest signs. If you don't have the right equipment then call TURFGEAR to do it for you. Continue to mow the Green at the Winter setting of 10-12mm.


The new bowling seasons draws near
Apply lawn sand or liquid moss killer at the start of the month. Leave for 2-3 weeks for the moss to blacken before scarifying. Apply your first granular fertiliser dressing. Begin to lower the mower cutter height, aim to achieve 6mm by the start of the season. Apply a quality wetting agent now, before you get 'Dry Patch'. Aerate regularly with a Sarel Spiker, every 2 weeks. Apply carbendazim to control casting worms.


Mowing between the showers
Switch the green to remove dew. Mow regularly, keeping the height of the cut at 6mm if possible. Use a grass comb on the mower. Continue to aerate with the Sarel Spiker. Check soil temperatures. Once the soil has warmed up sufficiently you can carry out small area renovation. April and May is a good time to sow grass seed. Apply a liquid feed between granular fertiliser applications. Feeds containing Seaweed are useful. Check for disease and apply a fungicide if necessary.


Everything is great and green
Switch the green to remove dew. Mow frequently. The height cut can be lowered to 5mm but be prepared to raise the height of cut if we experience a dry spell. Aerate with Sarel Spiker. Check for disease and apply a fungicide if necessary. Continue to apply a wetting agent monthly. There is still some time to sow grass seed and do small area renovation. Apply a Summer granular fertiliser. Apply selective weedkiller by sprayer or spot treat with an aerosol.


A time to water
Aerate with a Sarel Spiker. Treat 'Dry Patch' areas with a quality wetting agent as they arise. Irrigate the green as necessary, ensuring you give sufficient water to thoroughly wet the soil profile. Too little water does more harm than good. Watering should be done early in the morning or late in the afternoon/early evening to avoid scorching. Apply a liquid fertiliser.


More of the same
Aerate with a Sarel Spiker. Continue to irrigate the green. Apply a Summer granular fertiliser.


Good for Green speeds poor for grass
Aerate with a Sarel Spiker. Irrigate the green as necessary. Apply a liquid fertiliser. Conact TURFGEAR about your Autumn renovation.


The end of the season cometh!
Ask TURFGEAR to take a soil sample and prepare a report. Carry out Autumn renovation work if required. This is the time to do deep scarification. Decide which method of aeration is appropriate. Solid Tining, Hollow Coring and Verti-Draining. Overseed with a good quality fescue/bent grass seed mixture. Apply Top Dressing as evenly as possible. Use a Drag Mat and Brush to thoroughly work the Top Dressing into the turf. Check regularly for signs of disease.


Time to watch your new grass grow
Still time for Autumn renovation. You can sow grass seed up to the end of the month. Apply an Autumn & Winter fertiliser. An application of Wetting Agent to see you through the Winter would be advisable. Check regularly for signs of disease. You can still use a systemic fungicide while the grass is growing. Spray for Leather Jackets at the end of the month. Raise the height of cut on the mower to 10mm.


Christmas round the corner
Contimue to mow the Green as necessary. The height of cut should be between 10 - 12mm. Check for disease. Call TURFGEAR to identify diseases if you are unsure. You should use a contact fungicide at this time of year.


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