Granular fertiliser application 

Turfgear can Supply & Apply Granular Fertilisers to Bowling Greens and Lawns using modern 'Cyclone' type fertiliser spreaders. The choice of fertilisers is up to you but why not take advantage of our Soil Sampling Service that puts you in control ensuring you get the right nutritional balance for your turf.

Turf Top Dressing Application

We supply top quality Turf Top Dressing which we are able to apply using our spreaders. Properly applied, Top Dressing will need little or no drag matting to work it into the turf. Badly applied dressings can smother the turf and result in disease.



Covering the North West of England

We operate in the North West of England covering the counties of Lancashire, South Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. Other areas by special arrangement. Call 07952 060657 today for advice or email us at