Many golf clubs experience problems with divots on fairways. We all know that golfers should retrieve divots and replace them straight away. However, most don't and it is a proven fact that even when divots are replaced promptly the recovery of the turf is far from guaranteed.

Now there is an answer to the problem. A purpose made divot mix can be prepared by the Greens Staff consisting of Rootzone (sand/soil) and Grass Seed mixture, this can then be placed in the Divot Bags and left at a convenient place on the course (often next to the 1st and 9th Tees). Golfers can then take a bag with them during their round. Some clubs have made an 'A' frame specifically to hold the Divot Bags.

Our Divot Bags measure approx. 150 mm x 210 mm and are made of a strong nylon material with a drawstring top and a Dog Clip to attach to the golf bag or trolley. The size of these bags is a really important factor when deciding to implement their use on your course. If they are too big golfers won’t want to carry them. There are bags out there which are twice the size and twice the price but most golfers will refuse to use them as they are just too bulky. We have been supplying these bags to Golf Clubs in the UK since 2006 with many repeat orders. Golfers like our bags as they are the perfect size and they don’t have to handle the divot mix, just unclip from your bag or trolley, open the bag, pour out some of the mixture and tread it into the divot. Job done!

We normally supply these bags in green nylon material but other colours are available by arrangement. Order exactly what you require, there is no minimum order quantity.

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