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The site for all greensmen, greenkeepers, groundsmen and landscape gardeners. Good advice, materials, renovation services and clothing are all available from Turfgear.

We operate in the North West of England covering the counties of Lancashire, South Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. Other areas by special arrangement.

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Latest News

Have you got a fertiliser programme in place for the coming season? Itís not too late to have your soil tested and receive a comprehensive report on the results, ensuring you provide the right nutrition for your turf. We can supply both granular and liquid fertilisers tailored to your results. The dry summer of 2010 meant that liquids proved invaluable. Liquid feeds and wetting agents can be applied without disruption to play so are perfect during the playing season.

You should ensure you apply monthly application of a turf wetting agent from early April through to September to prevent Dry Patch from developing. We have several options available to suit your budget.

New for us this year is the introduction of Farmura products for your Greens. They have a range of liquid feeds which are trusted by turf professionals worldwide. We are pleased to offer Farmura Flo Gro Super Concentrates for liquid feeding throughout the year. Farmura Ferrosol is considered by turf professionals to be the best liquid iron on the market today. It will give a consistent and long lasting green-up to turf without causing those nasty wheel marks or footprints that you get with other iron products. This is the perfect treatment before competitions for your Bowling or Golf Club.

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Divot Bags

Need a practical solution to the problem of divots on your golf course?

Get your members to carry a divot bag filled with divot mix.

Renovation Services

Renovation Services for Bowling Greens, Cricket Squares, Sports Pitches, Golf Greens and Fairways.